Poop Prosject

The Poopshere light up a Norwegian Forest

The Poopshere lights up Tjook and a Norwegian forest


As I live in a Norwegian forrest moosedroppings has been a regular treet on the many walks in the woods near by. I noticed they have a distinctive form and that many were  none smelling and purely consisting of clean vegetable fibers: no bugs inside, just a great material. I liked these small gifts from this masjetic forest creature and decided to return the gift by initiating THE POOP PROJECT.

Poopsphere . Spherical lamp constructed of almost 4000 moosedropings from the Norwegian forrest



The POOPSHERE is a spherical lamp which is made from almost thousands of carefully selected moosedroppings.  From a distance it appears to be some kind of designer object and few peolpe will quess the origins and producer of the material.  It is a fun project that refers to both alchemic models for artproduction in with excrements are turned in a thing og beauty. But also themes like nature, fertily, recycling, cultural identity and the fact that almost none of the droppings are exactly alike contributes to the many expressive qualities of the POOPSPHERE.

Poopsphere Interior- Inflatet construction balloon

Poopsphere - diameter 60 cm

Poopsphere – diameter 60 cm


The POOPSHIRT is the second face of the ongoing poopprosjekt with the same leading motive. THINGS ARE NOT WHAT THEY APPEAR TO BE.

A shirt made of moosedroppings wil be shown by a female model in a sexy fashion. The model will be dansing i a seductive way and this will be filmed in a highresolution video. The video is thought to be shown in slowmotion on a CLEARCHANNEL advertisement screen. Just like the ones you can find in many mayor cities in northern Europe.